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A Christ-Centered Congregation That Develops Disciples


Committed to the Master, Connected through Ministry, & Concerned about Man


A Ministry That Cares

MMBC Core Objectives

  • Reach 500 persons for discipleship and membership through Macedonia
  • Win 5 (perhaps 10) souls a month through evangelism (Soul-Saving)
  • Be a tithing church (giving 10%) of our increase directly to and for missions
  • Average 150 attendants during our Discipleship Hour
  • Average 150 disciples/students for Bible Study attendance
  • Engage 200 active disciples for the work of ministry
  • Strengthen ministries to Men, Women, Singles, Married, Youth & Young Adults
  • Redesign worship to be more God-centered and ministry-focused
  • Average minimally 500 participants in our worships (7:30/200 & 10:30/300)
  • Track individual discipleship for preparing persons for ministry leadership
  • Create a more loving, forgiving, and committed spirit throughout Macedonia
  • Make Macedonia a million dollar ministry (minimally) for serving our community
  • Push our Rev. Marcus T. Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund to help students
  • Ensure all of these are being done solely to the glory of our God


The shield symbolizes faith of the Christian soldier, defending him from the fierce attacks of the adversary from within and without (Ephesians 6:11&16). The cross symbolizes the cross of suffering and death that Jesus endured for us. It also symbolizes the cross of suffering and death that we are willing to bare in obedience to God (John 3:16). The Bible is the Word of God. It is the Christian's handbook for life and God's message to mankind (II Timothy 3:16 & II Timothy 2:15). The crown symbolizes the blessings that we expect at the end of our journey (II Timothy 4:8). The dove represents the Holy Spirit. The world symbolizes those in who we are commissioned to go out and compel (Matthew 3:16 & Matthew 28:19-20)