Our Team

  • Sister Angela Johnson

    Sister Angela Johnson
    Church Office Manager


  • Sister Rochelle Jones

    Sister Rochelle Jones
    Church Business Administrator

  • Minister R.C. White, Sr.

    Minister R.C. White, Sr.
    Associate Minister

  • Deacon Ezell Hicks

    Deacon Ezell Hicks
    Diaconate Ministry Chairman
    Trustee Ministry

  • Deacon Andrae' Hicks

    Deacon Andrae' Hicks
    Diaconate Ministry Vice Chairman
    Trustee Ministry

  • Deacon Ricky Allen

    Deacon Ricky Allen
    Diaconate Ministry

  • Deacon Duane Hutchinson

    Deacon Duane Hutchinson
    Diaconate Ministry
    Church Operation

  • Deacon Ronnie Moreland

    Deacon Ronnie Moreland
    Diaconate Ministry

  • Deacon John Smith Jr.

    Deacon John Smith Jr.
    Diaconate Ministry

  • Sister Kalisha Smith

    Sister Kalisha Smith
    Lead Director of Music

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